Planning Ideas For Your Wedding

How to Prepare for the Bridal Expo Weekend!

Know your budget!

You need to know how much you intend to spend before you can make any other serious decisions about your wedding!

Have a rough idea about a wedding date. (Try to at least have a season determined!)

  • This can affect the price of venues, as well as availability.
  • You'll want to be able to tell photographers if you want to have pictures taken outdoors!
  • Seasonal decisions can change travel arrangements vastly!
  • Time of day can influence several decisions as well, know what you'd prefer!

Have a general idea on the number of guests you'll have attending.

  • The number of people attending your wedding can influence your venue decisions!
  • You'll need to tell caterers how many people you intend to feed.
  • Calligraphers and printers will be able to better serve you with an estimate on invitations!

Decide on the type of reception you'll be planning.

  • Are the wedding ceremony and reception sharing a venue?
  • If not, transportation for the bridal party should be considered.
  • Less formal receptions can have very different locations considered.

Browse the exhibitors on the website!

  • Knowing who you'd like to visit with most can help you use your time efficiently!
  • You can get some great ideas from our experienced Wedding Professionals!

Make time to watch the Bridal Fashion Shows!

  • You'll be amazed at the variety of gowns to choose from!
  • Nothing helps make a gown decision like seeing them on a person, in action!
  • See what gown you love most, how they move and flow, how people respond to them!
  • Watch each individual store's stage show; all are different, and carry different designers!
  • Bride Twirling
  • Bouquet
  • Cake
  • Bride