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West Heights United Methodist Church offers a truly personalized and memorable wedding experience for couples seeking a beautiful and meaningful ceremony. With a dedicated pastor, Rev. Jacob Cloud, who takes the time to craft custom ceremonies and vows, your special day will be a reflection of your unique love story. The church's spacious sanctuary can accommodate up to 350 guests, ensuring that your loved ones can join in your celebration. Additionally, West Heights UMC provides optional AV packages for picture and video slideshows, allowing you to share cherished memories with your guests before the ceremony begins.  If you're in need of rental space for bridal showers or non-alcoholic rehearsal dinners and receptions, our facilities are at your disposal, offering a versatile and convenient option for your pre-wedding events.   To add a touch of musical magic to your special day, we also boast three incredibly talented female vocalists and a fantastic pianist/organist, elevating the ambiance and creating unforgettable memories for you and your guests.  With affordable pricing and a commitment to creating a focused and engaging wedding ceremony, West Heights UMC is the perfect venue for couples looking to start their journey together in a truly special way.
If you're searching for a wonderful officiant but have your heart set on an off-site wedding in the Wichita area, West Heights United Methodist Church has you covered. We specialize in crafting personalized ceremonies that can be tailored to suit any location of your choice, ensuring that your wedding is exactly as you envision it.

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